Implement Envision Pasco 2050

The County’s Vision Plan, Envision Pasco 2050, resulted from an extensive public engagement process in 2023. To implement this community-driven vision for Pasco’s future, the County must make exciting – yet challenging – decisions about future funding, growth, preservation, and more. This survey will ask you to think critically about several planning choices the County must make as it strives to be Florida’s Premier County.

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The County's Vision (Envision Pasco 2050) calls for new and expanded public services and facilities by 2050. Considering the limited funds available today, which of the following should the County prioritize? Select up to three options.

Sidewalk & Bicycle Path Expansions, Improvements, & Amenities
Additional Bus Routes, Stops, & Amenities
Affordable Housing Incentives
Park Expansions & Improvements
Living Shorelines, Sea Walls, Flood Controls, & other Resilience Efforts
Roadway Maintenance
Business Recruitment, Retention, & Development
Land Acquisition for Natural Resource Conservation
Agricultural Support & Conservation
Water Supply Quality Monitoring & Improvements

Florida Statute 163.3177(6)(f) requires that the Comprehensive Plan’s Housing Element includes strategies that result in “the creation and preservation of affordable housing for current and anticipated future residents.” One of the most cost-efficient and widely used strategies to meet this requirement is to offer certain incentives to developers who provide this type of housing. In its efforts to meet this statutory requirement, which incentive(s) do you feel are most appropriate for Pasco County? Select all that apply.


In an effort to improve the local quality of life and reduce traffic congestion, the County seeks to plan for neighborhoods that feature shops, healthcare, parks, schools, and leisure options within a 15-minute walking or biking distance.  Where should these neighborhoods be located? Select all that apply.


Imagine you have one afternoon to shop for a new outfit, workout at the gym, then have dinner at a local restaurant. Assuming you could travel safely between each of your destinations, how close would you like your shopping, exercising, and dining to be in proximity to one another?


Envision Pasco 2050 prioritizes preserving rural lands and rural character. Florida Law also requires the County to identify portions of the community where future growth may occur. How much, if any, of that growth should occur within rural areas of the County?


Where should basic goods and services (e.g., grocery stores, gas stations, barber shops, etc.) be located for residents living within rural areas of the County?


What types of improvements would you like to see in the County’s public transportation system? Select all that apply.

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